The Bridge of Tourmaline

If I could give the world to you,

I'd weave a cloak of sylvan stems

To deck the earth with Emerald hue,

Embroider all with flowery gems;


I'd float the lands in Turquoise seas,

Flecked with sunkissed, balmy isles

Of Citrine sands and Garnet quays,

Spinel-strewn sunsets, swaying miles


Of Palmwood Jade trees bowing low

To Neptune, as he waves adieu

And seeks those shores whose rivers flow

From Water Sapphire lakes of blue


Which, gleaming, mirror twists and turns

Of Diamond clad celestial peaks

And feed the tumbling mountain burns,

Those streaming Crystal-coloured streaks


Which cut the Amethyst-heathered hills

Clipped by soaring eagle wings;

And on through carpet-flowered gills

Where lyrebird plays and songbird sings.


If I could give the world to you,

You'd skim the waves of Neptune's realm

With scalloped chariot, Triton crew,

And blushing dolphins at the helm,


Where lions, queens and parrots fish

In sunburst shoals the great expanse,

And flaming angels deftly swish 

Amongst the bobbing seahorse dance.


On Mossy Agate valley lanes,

You'd ride the milk-white unicorns

Who, tossing snowy, showy manes,

Flourish slender, Pearl-twist horns,


Until, before you, Iris-ringed,

The Rainbow Bridge of Tourmaline,

Whose guardian swift and Golden-winged

Leads you to a house within


The garden, set behind a gate,

Of Janus Geminus, locked and barred,

The gate into a Golden Age,

The Infinite gate the Horae guard.


If I could give the world to you,

You'd dwell in Opaline abode

Of colours which the Spirit drew

Down along his Rainbow Road,


Which ends within the garden fief,

Silver-leaved and jewel-flowered,

Hedged around with Coral reef

Of flower baskets, Venus-bowered,


Whose nymph, with rose and myrtle nigh, 

Neath Lapis sky which gods instar

Twixt Moon and Sun Stones set on high,

Is Aphrodite's Avatar,


Who tends the garden to prepare

For You, the Amalthean Horn,

Ambrosian feast, Elysian fare,

In Rose Quartz Amber-nectared dawn,


And springs of rich red Ruby wine

Which heart and soul with love imbue;

All of this then could be thine

If I should give my world to you.


©  Heloisa Hodierna



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