The Diamond Mine   (In Honour of the Diamond Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II)      

Exult, exult, O land of mine,
The blushing grapes upon the vine,
Long clustered, wreathe the Royal Oak
Inspiring hearts of mortal folk.

Impelled by earthly cares below,
From bright Olympus stooping low
Zeus, bowing, tears the cloud-clad robe
Of Bacchus' star-bespangled globe.

Avast! The earth in awe stands still
For stars are gath'ring with a will,
Behold how constellations veer
To share this celebration year.

England's Lion who leads the dance
With stately Unicorn does prance
Through flaxen fields with azure blued
And streets with London pride imbued.

Harps sing, pipes call from Northern heights,
Aurora switches on the lights,
Sweet-toned, but strong, from Dragon's lair
The voice of angels fills the air.

Entering now, the Twins of old,
Though ancient, bearded, each seeks gold
Chased long in fire, and motto weave,
"May each endeavour, all achieve".

Under Mimosa's Southern Cross,
Commonwealth stars shake golden floss,
North Star, true guide, to hunting grounds
Advances troupes by leaps and bounds.

Drift forward, onward, Southern Boat,
Through shallow seas game marlin float
Amidst the blue and limpid caves
Where Triton's conch placates the waves.

Dun dolphins leap the sunlit plain
Where stalking tigers have domain,
Earthwards bound Eridanus flows
Where white the water-lily grows.

In hearts the flow'ring pride embed,
Bedeck the broken trident head,
Golden figs El Dorado feed,
In plenty and in time of need.

Reversing orchids laugh with mirth,
Caelum drops its fruit to earth for
A Toucan bird which Iris made,
Whilst tapirs flourish in the shade.

The Herdsman gathers in the calves
He knows Zeus never works by halves;
Io! From rolling clouds let fall
The rain which brings good luck to all.

Abode of peace, the Northern Crown
Pays homage to thy Sultan's town,
Beneath the royal umbrella stand,
Your falcon wings keep close at hand,

Retrain with cheetahs Bacchus lends,
On more than hope your star depends;
Itís hoped the Scales of Justice shine,
Powered like Romans, march in line.

Throughout Olympic village sprints
The hardy Lynx with eye which glints
And watches athletes, one, two, three...
Beaver away from sea to sea.
Not just for copper pure they strive,
To have it tinted they contrive;
Now silvered Doves love's carriage drive
And golden-coloured acorns thrive

In Isle of Beauty's earthly haunts
Where regal parrot purple flaunts
And giant Frog jumps from the sky,
A star which never learnt to fly. 

Red tears and white, the whistling dove
Spreads stories of forbidden love,
Unknown warriors fishing rue,
Orion lends his star canoe.

May Scorpians with stars arise
But smiling coasts see through disguise;
Roll his tail then hammer his head,
Celestial palm tree leaves are spread

Extending shade to chocolate pods
Which Golden Eagles offer gods;
Great kings, warriors, stand in line
For earthly taste of food divine.

Now hail, the Seven Sisters fall
Unto the earth to have a ball,
Observe the crown with roses strewn   
Beneath the golden crescent moon.

Respect the Crab, keep on your toes,
Like armadillos fend off blows
Under headdress, diamond-studded,
Claw your way to heights unstudied.

Mark how the Peacock fans its tail
And royal cobra hooded veil,
Quake not but stand up tall and strong,
With elephants you now belong.

Unite as Centaurs, bow in hand,
From two made one didst roam the land,
Echo out from ev'ry steeple
"Out of many, now one people".

Shields raise, and spears, new stars are born
Where Elephants the sky adorn,  
Urge Cepheus now to bring their Trunks
They're packed with baby stars in bunks!

Over the sea the sunlit rays
Shine on isles where the Phoenix strays;
Repentant mother hides her face,
Starbright Frigatebird takes her place.

Unflagging ponies let out cry
As small Foal spirals out of sky, 
Mountainous fortress stands in awe
Whilst wearing famed peaked hats of straw.

Cosmic Caelus his Furnace stokes,
Tongued fire on lake the sun invokes,
Eagles, crying, these haunts enchant,       
Olympic flame now Zeus does grant.

The Great Bear lends her Tiger's Eye
For stars with teammates must ally,
Err not! Don't keep them at arm's length
For unity will be your strength.

Run down the Fish, with pole retrieve,
Around the isles a necklace weave,
Ocean and land are well-supplied,
E'en fruit of myth can't be denied.

Recall the brave who gave you life
But let the olived palm be rife,
Unleash the hunting dogs to chase
That swift athlete who sets the pace

Made famous by a Greek long dead,
Just like the bird which never fled;
Ring in ear, an Indian see
Viewing the Ocean's star and key.

Exhausted athletes need to eat,
Demeter leaves celestial seat,
Green the fields and blue the waves,
By Spica's light the way she paves

Into the land of desert bright
Where, full of wonder, plants delight,
Now run, as if you seek to flee 
The Arrow stored in quiv'ring tree.

Adorning frangipani's shore,
Melodious warbler sings for
Cetus offering up the teeth
To earthly chiefs he does bequeath. 

Onwards walk through the silvered ferns
For upwards flight the kiwi spurns,
Night-flying Ram brings golden fleece,
Three ships set sail to trade in Greece.

Soaring thermals, the black-crowned Cranes
With out-stretched necks rise over plains
Of paddling leaves with golden sheen,
Fitting spectacle for our Queen.

Resolute Lizard volunteers
To force from crocodile true tears;
The land, now pure, yields wood for gods,
The poet's jasmine sprinkles pods

It fills with seeds of tempting fruit 
Which Birds of Paradise then loot.
O rise you sons of liberty
United in diversity,

Note how old Lupus changes spots,
The Roman wolf is tied in knots,
In Arab robe he turned some wheels,
Became a leopard hot on heels.

Saints now entering into fray,
A Sail, torchlit, shows them the way,
Pelicans rock and monkeys shoal 
Where rose and lily often stroll.

Ornate parrots screech a riddle
Praising saint who plays the fiddle,
Plaited Galaxies sing in street
In praise of Rose and marguerite.

Unchained, the isles strike up their bands,
Three diamond gems on golden sands,
Lacquer with gold The Altar made
With olive wood by justice weighed.

O Holy Centre, pray teach us
To navigate without such fuss,
Reading your Pyxis so divine,
Already now you've crossed the line.

Unerring sailors, be our shield,
E'en when we toil in sport's green field,
May golden outcome crown the work
Which Giant Tortoise doesn't shirk! 

Prowling home from high Orion,
Betelgeuse, the Afro-lion,
Revealed in mountains, went to sea
From queenly quay in kingdom free,

In timely manner disembarks
Then, rushing to the sunbirdís parks,
Nips to see the Little Lion
Calling in on famed merlion.

Come, carve the figurehead in wood,
Pegasus leads - that's no false-hood-
Earthborn Solomon knows it serves
To keep in wings your best reserves.    

Protect the eggs, we'll dine in style,
Divine foods served by birds beguile,
Set the Table in rising sun,
Don't pass the buck, but, spring-heeled, run!

Fly, Apollo! Selene, go!
Remove the sting from Scorpio;
Inside a pearl blue lilies lie
And starry Clustered Butterfly.

Down from his home in Great She-Bear,
The swift Gazelle Leaps through the air,
Entranced, he cried for widowed bird
Then, speared, to earth his stars transferred.

Io! Io! Let's spice things up,
It's time for all to go line up,
Dash like Giraffe whose legs are long,
His eyesight's keen, his kick so strong.

Expect to see the Southern Crown
Entering into London Town,
Flying the Royal Standard high
Three stars to earth do fall nearby

Embarking on three ships of gold
Returned now to their home of old;
New world bird alarms your rest,
The Sun, now humming, is star guest.

Saluting, now The Planets bow
To eight gold isles with musseled brow,
One, left out, mutters "well, that's fine!",
Demoted Pluto cries "You're mine!"

Raise the Shield and wield the spear,
Beat loud the drum and dance and cheer.
Hard blow the horn then pluck the lyre,     
The land of beautyís set on fire.

Recalling brother, fiercely gored,
The Hyades, lamenting, soared
High up, to carve in starlit dusk
A treefern marked by thrice-coiled tusk.

Proudly stand, to our roots letís cling
As vict'ry falls to us and bring
Homewards, singing, the precious ores
The Water-Bearer on us pours

In streams of silver, bronze and gold
To wash the shores, both warm and cold,
Lagooned within our common reef -
A diamond mine of self-belief.

Io! Io! These precious lands
To Mount Parnassus raise their hands,
Prepare, for this Olympiad, 
To strive in combat tendril-clad.


Although we seem oft to forget
Dependencies, they should not fret,
The faintest stars flash fire at night
Set heaven's vaulted dome alight;

A few are crowned, and others not
Although they may burn twice as hot,
How bright the distant sky appears
When shedding stars to earth like tears.

©  Heloisa Hodierna



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