Twisting in Time

Twisted, gnarled and hollow-hearted,

So many friends now long departed,

Yet still, beneath the vaulted sky,

I hold my spreading crown up high.


The saplings huddled neath my limbs

Ne'er see the light my shadow dims,

Their spindly twigs which I outlive,

Are doomed to die and nurture give.


So many siblings once did share

This vast horizon's tree-lined air,

Where, tasting of the selfsame earth,

We celebrated Spring's rebirth.


But seasons come and seasons go,

So many greenwood trees laid low,

Their great old age, my nursery years,

I was a child when they were biers.


So many ages past have flown,

Yet still I stand and creak and groan;

So many friends I have seen fall,

I shed a grieving sprig for all.


©  Heloisa Hodierna



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