So why Sesquipedalia? 

Well, itís a bit of a misnomer since this site isnít dedicated to either long words or measurements  but, hopefully, the long-winded ramblings of a writer might allow some latitude in meaning.  Not that Iím averse to long words and verbosity; on the contrary, short worded conciseness is a virtue in business and offers clarity when writing instructions or giving directions, but monosyllabic writing for its own sake leaves me cold. Bread and water may keep you alive, but who wants to live on it?  Iím an unashamed fan of old-fashioned, traditional writing, so if itís not your thing, I wonít be offended if you donít read on, or read on and flee elsewhere!!  I write for myself, not to conform to writing fashions and other peopleís opinions.

I fell in love with Latin as a toddler in Church and never understood why one week such a beautiful sound had suddenly disappeared.  Iím not sure if I understood the concept of language, but I loved listening to it and looking at it on the page - that beautiful mingling of all those Ss and Qs and Ms, the hard consonants and the vowel endings in word after word was magical. How well I remember that trio of old friends, those Sundays, Quinquagesima, Sexagesima and Septuagesima!  Later, in school, I fell in love with the word Ďientaculumí - for no other reason than that to my ears it sounded wonderful. Latin dictionaries ooze with such delicious Ďdeliciaeí.

Latin is the reason I write - even in English - because it is by nature sometimes a periphrastic language;  so often a single word is not available but, conversely, the language can be extraordinarily concise. So we have the best of both worlds.  So thatís why I chose Sesquipedalia. Not only does it sum me up, but what other language could come up with such a superb word - unless, perhaps, it was a Latin-derived one?


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